PolyCE’s Workshop on Circular Design: Making a Business Case for Recycled Plastics

Source: MGG Polymers

The positive dynamics of this PolyCE workhop shows how the missing link in the circular economy can be closed — this is not wishful thinking anymore. Chris Slijkhuis, Board Member of the European Electronics Recyclers Association (EERA)

“As external invitee to the workshop, I was impressed by the level of knowledge and commitment by participants to reduce the use of virgin plastics by the uptake of post consumer recycled polymers. We learned how all steps in the plastics value chain have their challenges and how the partners in the project are seeking to overcome those. The practical examples, from the way of target setting at large companies, up until the application of high tech recycled polymers in small appliances were inspirational and look promising.” Kurt Van der Herten, EU Environmental Policy Program Manager, IBM Corporate Environmental Affairs

The dEEEterminator support tool made out of different PCR plastics, Ghent University



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