PolyCE at the International Electronics Recycling Congress (IERC) in Salzburg

  • Sorting of pure plastic fractions before shredding, wherever economically feasible
  • Improve communication between pre-processors and recyclers
  • Implementation of a standard flake size (10–20 mm) of the plastic fraction
  • Keep the production of fines low by reducing the number of shredding steps and the choice of an adequate shredding technology
  • Sort out brominated fractions before transport to the plastics recycler
  • Remove contaminants, such as glass and wood, prior to the shredding
  • If feasible, separation of the fine fraction by suitable sorting technologies
Figure 1: Pezy Group used the recommendations in the guidelines as requirements for the development of the WiSensys
Figure 2. Information datasheet for plastic flakes summarizing important quality criteria communicated in the phase-gate approach




@EU_H2020 Project enabling #recycling of #plastics from #electronicwaste for a more #sustainable future. #InvestEUresearch #ChooseRecycled

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@EU_H2020 Project enabling #recycling of #plastics from #electronicwaste for a more #sustainable future. #InvestEUresearch #ChooseRecycled

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